The Secrets about Intermitted Fasting – Natural Weight Loss Technique


The Secrets about Intermitted Fasting – Natural Weight Loss Technique

What is the meaning of Intermitted Fasting?

Fasting or Salvation is a simple term means not eating and our human body is already prepared to keep up without food for few hours, as, on and often fasting is practiced by all of us; however, intermitted fasting is something interesting and an innovative way of eating pattern.

Intermitted fasting is an ancient technique used to lose weight and for a healthy living. In recent times, Intermitted Fasting has gained immense popularity and is widely used by people as health improvement and natural weight loss technique.

As a simple term, it’s a basic eating pattern which will help in calorie management, cycling between periods when to eat and when to fast. In, Intermitted Fasting technique there is absolute flexibility to choose the food you eat; it only focuses on the fact, when we should eat, rather than what you eat, so there is no fixed diet plan or chart for Intermitted Fasting.


If we observe carefully, each and every one of us Fast every day, how?

We sleep at night for 8 Hours, so we fast, aren’t we?

Yes. Intermediate fasting is just a scientific technique to do it in a bit-efficient way, resulting in several benefits like weight loss, increasing metabolism etc. We can simply say that it is basically dividing your day between the period you eat and you fast. There are several methods of Intermitted fasting, but the most popular ones are discussed below:

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  • 16/8 Hours Technique: Let’s suppose, we Skip the morning breakfast and take the meal at 12 noon, so, we just extended our night fasting few more hours and then we take dinner at 8 PM. What we will do if we follow this pattern is to adjust our body with a timeframe of 8 Hours within which we have all our food intakes for the day. Did you realize that we actually fasted for 16 Hours? This is the most popular 16/8 method of intermittent fasting.
    So, we can see that it’s a pretty easy way of fasting with a lot of positivity. Initially, you may feel hungry for a few days, unless and until your body adjusts, later you will be habituated. During this 8 Hours water, tea, coffee or any calorie-free or low-calorie food is allowed, however, no heavy meals are allowed.
  • Eating and Stopping Technique: Another simple and easy method of intermitted fasting is a skip of 24 hours Gap, for example, you take dinner today at 8 PM and then take dinner the next day at 8 PM, so there is a Gap of 24 Hours. This you can do Once or Maximum Twice a Week, not more than that.
  • Diet of 5:2 Technique: The third simple method is, restrict calorie intake to 500 – 600 calorie only 2 Days in a week out of 5 Days. Remaining days of the week you are free to eat anything you want, only 2 Days take the restricted calorie diet. This is popularly known as 5:2 methods.

So, you can easily reduce your weight by reducing your daily calorie intake and guaranteed results of weight loss are registered from those people following these simple steps and practicing the Intermitted Fasting.

What are the health benefits of intermittent fasting?

There are several health benefits of intermittent fasting and the major ones are discussed below:

  • Helps in losing Weight: If you can practice the intermittent fasting properly as explained, step by step, it can miraculously help you in weight loss and will help in losing belly fat, so basically you don’t have to compromise your taste by eating a strict diet, but, you feel light when you lose pounds and your belly fat, isn’t it great?
  • Resisting Insulin Level: Intermittent fasting magically helps in the reduction of insulin and your blood sugar level will get reduced by 5-6% approximately and insulin levels by approximately 31% protecting you against type 2 diabetes.
  • Improves the health of your Heart: Intermittent fasting reduces bad or LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, inflammatory markers, and blood sugar, all of these acts as the main catalyst in any heart disease, so, if these get controlled, the health of the heart will automatically improve.
  • Improves Brain health and Fights against Cancer: On practicing the techniques of Intermittent fasting, it increases the brain hormone names as BDNF and helps in the growth of new nerve cells.


Intermittent fasting has multiple advantages as explained above and I must say that all of us try thousands of methods for Weight loss and put efforts to cut belly fat, but, this natural technique is in our hands, just required it to be followed step by step as explained in this article to get optimum result, however one should not forget that any fasting or diet plan is always accompanied by Healthy Eating and Balanced diet.

If anyone follows the intermitted fasting and continues eating unhealthy and Junk foods, the result will not be beneficial. So, let’s practice this ancient weight loss, belly fat reduction technique and get slim and fit in a natural way.

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